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Churros live station


When we talk about carnival food, what’s the first food stalls that came into your mind?


Definitely not churros live station! In fact Churros is now a trending live food station in Singapore.

Our Churros were well received by all events we done with a thumbs up!
What makes our churros live station stand out from the rest?
Instead of using frozen churros which some companies does, our churros are freshly made on the spot with our churros machine. Not only the churros are freshly produced, our dough was also freshly prepared (less than 24hrs) before event. Bringing you the most original and fresh churros!

Bring the freshest churros to your next event! You will be delighted by your choice!

Contact Jayden @ 9147 2426 for availability.

Do check out our carnival food stalls available for a package rate.