Bouncy Castle Rental

Bouncy Castles are a great way to provide fun and entertainment for children at birthday parties. Having a bouncy castle at the party venue serves as a stopping point where the kids can revolve around. The sight of the castle engages them to crawl, hop, jump, climb, which will expend their energies for hours! Talk to us about the variety of designs we have available!

Up to 4 hours : Starting from $250

Fun House

2.5m(W) * 2.7m(L) * 2.2m(H)

Rabbit Bouncer

Rabbit Bouncer
2m(W) * 3m(L) * 2.8m(H)

Bounce House

Bouncy-castle services-singapore
2.5m(W) * 3.3m(L) * 2.5m(H)

Clown Fish Bouncer

3m(W) * 3.5m(L) * 2.8m(H)

Elephant Constructor

3m (W) x 3.2m (L) x 3.5m (H) ​

Crayon Bouncer w/ internal ball pit

3m(W) * 4m(L) * 2.5m(H)

Purple Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castle rental service singapore copy
4m(W) * 3m(L) * 3.5m(H)

Mushroom Bouncy

Bouncy-castle rental-singapore
4m(W) * 3m(L) * 3.5m(H)

Safari Bouncy Castle

4m * 3.6m * x3.2m

Shark Bouncy Castle

4m * 3.5m * 3.2m

Knight Castle

4m(W) * 4m(L) * 3.5m(H)

Shark Missile

2.7m(W) * 5.7m(L) * 2.3m(H)

Jungle Bouncy Castle

4m(W) * 6m(L) * 3.5m(H)

Obstacle Bouncy Castle

4m(W) * 8m(L) * 3.5m(H)

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