Churros Live Station

Churros Live Station

Our churros is very well received and loved by many, You will not be disappointed.

Professional cooking and serving fresh hot churros on the spot of your event. Its crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It literally melts in your mouth. 

Able to serve 100 portions of 2 Bite Size Churros with sauce in a cone per hour.


Sauce available: Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Maple syrup, Matcha

Package inclusive:

  • 1 Churros Machine
  • 1 Fryer (1direct power outlet, no sharing with other applicants)
  • 2 sauce
  • Stylish set up 
  • 1 manpower
  • Free delivery, collection and set up

Logistic require:

  • Setup requires a 6feet by 2feet table or a 5feet by 3feet table.
  • A direct powerpoint for the fryer.

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