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Popcorn and Candy floss machine rental Singapore

Rental of popcorn and candy floss machine were commonly seen during corporate events and RC/CC events. Does it only suitable for those events?

There’s a common believe that those professional popcorn and candy floss machine only suits those events and not in kids birthday party. Some would rather buy those mini machine that produce a small portion of popcorn and candy floss.

I understand you want to reduce your budget, who wasn’t? But here’s the fact about those mini machines although it cost low than those professional machines.

Mini machine took almost the same period of time to produce lesser portion than professional machine.

In fact professional machine look more grand and eye catchy to get kids attention just by displaying at your party venue. Don’t you think so?

Imagine the number of kids it can serve within the same period of time compare to the mini machine. It reduce the queuing time so the kids can enjoy their favourite snack.

Imagine every kids having their snacks while waiting for the party to start. The BEST way to sweeten your party!

Check out the popcorn and candy floss rental!

“Sweeten your party just a click away!”

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