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How different countries celebrate a birthday?

When you picture birthdays, the first thing that pops up in your mind is probably the typical cake with sprinkles and candles blazing on top. 
You might be surprised by how others celebrate their birthdays around the world. 
1. South Korea – Seaweed Soup
Seaweed soup, is usually served as part of breakfast for the beloved birthday boys and girls in Korea.
2. Russia – Personalized Pie
On your birthday in Russia, you’ll be presented with a glorious homemade pie with a personalized message carved in the dough on top. These pies can be sweet or savory, but of course, it will ultimately be up to the birthday child.
3. China – Longevity Noodles
In China, eating oodles of noodles, or Chang Shou Mian (长寿面) on your birthday symbolizes the oodles of life you’ll hopefully have. It’s an extremely intricate dish tailored to the taste palates of each household, but simply put, it’s an egg and chicken broth served over noodles.
4. Australia – Fairy Bread
This special birthday food is called fairy bread. It’s an unbeatable combination of buttered bread and tiny Hundreds-and-Thousands.
5. The Netherlands – Taarties and Pancakes
A popular birthday tradition in the Netherlands is to serve these taarties filled with different fruits and topped with fresh whipped cream. If you’re celebrating a crown year birthday (ages 5, 10, 15, 20, 21), you might be lucky and get some powdered sugar pancakes with this too.
6. Sweden – Princess Cake
I present to you a traditional Swedish layer cake filled with marzipan (a sort of yummy almond paste), sponge cake, and a LOT of whipped cream.
7. Ghana – Oto
This West African nation is known for satisfying the palettes of the spicy and soulful. Oto is a mash made of Ghanian yam and eggs that is fried in an onion-infused palm oil.
8. Mexico – Arroz con Leche
This is the one and only, RICE PUDDING! Besides hitting a traditional piñata at a Mexican birthday party, it is an absolute MUST to serve this warm and tender dish for the birthday child and guests.
Not only is it really interesting to see how the people of other countries celebrate their birthdays, but it’s also extremely important to have an awareness and understanding for all cultures.
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