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    After the announcing of circuit break, Almost everyone stays at home. What if we want to have some ice cream at such humid weather? Not to worry, We provide ice cream cart rental! nah! Not the cart, but, traditional ice cream delivery! 1 whole block of traditional ice cream with complementary biscuit for your family! Various flavour of ice cream available. FREE delivery to your doorstep! Order now!

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    Pro tips for protecting your children against Coronavirus

    Coronavirus (also known as Ccovid-19) has infected nearly 97,000 people and killed more than 3,300 worldwide! Children seem to be less susceptible to the coronavirus, but they aren’t immune. Parents are understandably worried, considering that children spend lots of time in public places (school and public play spaces). Dr. Kelly Fradin, a pediatrician and mother of two, shares her practical tips for guarding against the coronavirus below. Continue to go about your daily life to the best of your ability In 80% of cases, coronavirus diagnoses are mild. Because of the relatively low risk for most people, Fradin said families should continue living their lives as they’ve been, assuming their community…

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