Teh Tarik

Book now to bring the charm and aroma of Teh Tarik to your gathering. Ignite the senses and make your event truly memorable. Book our Teh Tarik live station now at hello@pixelpartysg.com or call us at 9107 7658 (Sales) and 9147 2426 (Jayden). Let the enchantment flow at your next event

Spice up your event with the magic of Teh Tarik! Our live station brings the authentic art of hand-pulled tea to your gathering. Watch as our skilled baristas elevate your event with the mesmerizing theatrics of Teh Tarik preparation, creating a delightful and aromatic experience for your guests.

Free flow of Teh Tarik for all your guest!

  • 1 hour: $350
  • 2 hours: $450
  • 3 hours: $630

Subsequent hour: $180

*Table and Isolated power plug is required

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