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    Crazy Ways To Pop Popcorn

    What are ways to pop popcorn you can think of? Here are a couple crazy way to pop popcorn! You can use things from a hair straightener to a heat gun all the way down to a skillet.  Warning! For entertainment purposes, Please do not try this at home! The ideas are too crazy, is there any “normal” way to pop popcorn? Of cause we do! At least with a professional popcorn machine! Find out how to rental popcorn machine for your upcoming party.

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    Genius DIY Party Ideas

    17 DIY party ideas to enhance the party fun! Who say you have to buy all party stuff? Create more fun party for your kid with daily object you can find around you. Find out how “5-Minute Crafts KIDS” can help you with that! How about the decoration of your party venue? Visit the link below for some amazing balloon decoration ideas! www.pixelpartysg.com/balloon-decoration-services/

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    Jaw dropping animal magic show

    Where does the birds came from? We have been watching magic since we were a kid. This magician’s skill is another level with his live animal act! I bet you will be amaze! Magic show for your upcoming Birthday party? Visit the link below: Kids Party Magic Show Live animal magic show? We have special birthday party package just for you! Visit: www.pixelpartysg.com/kids-birthday-party-packages/

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    Traditional Game stalls

    When talk about carnival, what comes to your mind? Besides carnival food, definitely the carnival game stalls that you get to win some attractive prizes. We used to spent lots of money on the carnival game booths just to win a good prize, but now you can have the carnival stall for yourself at an affordable rate! Check out more on: Carnival Game Booth Contact us now by filling up the form below: